Monday, July 15, 2013

Learning How To Be Grateful All The Time, Not Just When Things are Perfect

by Sarah

Yesterday, my sister threw me a baby shower and it reminded me exactly how truly blessed I am.  It was one of those days where you wake up and your heart is absolutely full of love and comfort and then it turns into a memory that you will always remember as being one of the best days of your life.  My heart is constantly full of love and comfort when it comes to this baby and I am so grateful for everyone in my life. Feeling so grateful makes me think about all of the times I questioned if I would ever feel this happy and how silly I was to question God’s plans for me. It also is such a strange thing because after this big event was over, the feeling was still there. The joy was still there when I had to drive to work the next day with a broken AC, even though I could have chose to perceive that situation as a nightmare. These grand moments don't happen ALL the time, yet you can still feel the same joy. It's all about learning how to be grateful in every moment.

Gratitude is really easy when everything is going well for you, but sometimes, we forget about it when it doesn’t look like things are going our way. If I could go back to all of the rough patches of my life (breakups, being depressed about stuttering, etc.) I wish I could rewrite so much gratitude and happiness into those moments because it was shaping me to be able to teach another human what life is all about- my baby.  And it was also shaping me to be able to write this blog and hopefully many, many books to come.  There is a saying, “When you are down to nothing, God is up to something.” This is so true.  You just have to trust in those moments where you feel the need to question that what you want is coming for you, so you better get up, get dressed, and get ready for it.  

In my own life, especially since I dealt with anxiety for many years, this was so hard for me to learn.  Let go of my anxiety and just be happy? It seemed impossible.  But, over time, working on something I truly love (Style & Wisdom) and learning to forgive and let go of anyone who didn’t value me, my life fell into place and I woke up one day, and my anxiety was gone.  It was like I didn’t get the ad-ons I really wanted because I thought they would make me happy until I learned how to be happy right smack dab where I was.  Once you can figure that out, you’ll see that your life picks up and starts progressing.  It’s like you fish and fish, and you wait and wait, and then you start catching every fish you want, but you have to find peace with not catching anything first.   

I am so grateful for so many things right now: my blog, my family, and this baby.  I often felt like I was floating around in life because I refused to settle with certain jobs, certain relationships, etc. And, I always wondered if it was the right thing to be doing. At first, I was always failing and always struggling, but I knew I couldn’t stop not settling until I became a writer. It wasn’t easy. I would focus on what failed in life and dwell on these things.  If these things had worked out, I could be happy, I would think.  But, guess what? That is never the case! I wish I would have not even been sad about those failed situations because they truly don’t matter when things start coming together. All that they are are little signs on the road that say, “This is not the path you need to be on to get to your ideal destination!” When things just aren’t working out, you gotta let go.  

Trusting when things aren’t working out is so hard to do, but in hindsight, we all wish we would have just eased up on ourselves for failing because something better was coming.  So, starting today, no matter where you are, if you are at a great place in life, or if you think you could use some change, just take a breath and find comfort knowing that God has plans for you.  You probably won’t ever guess how things will end up turning out (it could be something or someone that pops up out of nowhere), but it will get you to the place you want to be.  You just have to get up, put your makeup on, let go of the things that aren’t working out and figure out how to be happy right here, right now. If you are latched on to to all of the things that didn't work out or aren't working out, you aren't going to get onto the path that you need to be on. 

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