Saturday, April 19, 2014

"Posh Mama, Zen Baby": Peter Rabbit Organics

Wondering what to put in your baby's first Easter basket? Try these organic fruit and veggie puree pouches!

From the start of my little one's experience with solid foods, I have been very cautious about what is in the baby food I have given him. When purchasing any baby food, I always look at the ingredients to make sure it contains only an organic fruit puree and water.  

Last month, I took a walk to the Starbucks in Squirrel Hill (Pittsburgh) with my Dad and while ordering our coffees, we noticed Peter Rabbit Organics fruit & veg puree pouches by the counter.  We decided to buy the Strawberry & Banana fruit pouch and discovered that Noah LOVED it.  

The ingredients were a hit, too.  These fruit & veg purees are organic, contain no added sugar, salt, or other artificial ingredients, and have 35% Vitamin C.  The pouches are great to throw into your diaper bag and use when you're an on-the-go mama because they don't require a spoon! 

Of course, my baby took to certain flavors more than others, such as Strawberry & Banana,  Mango, Banana & Orange, and Sweet Potato, Corn, & Apple.  We also found that that the Kale, Broccoli, and Apple gave him a little bit of constipation (sorry about the TMI!), which we found to be quite surprising since it has green veggies in it! 

You can find more information & where to order these products by clicking here.  I get mine from Starbucks,, or Whole Foods. 

*I was sent a sample of each flavor of Peter Rabbit Organics fruit pouches. However, I also purchased these on my own before and after receiving the samples. 

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