Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Becoming a Mama Changes Your Entire Life

First of all, I am so sorry for not blogging more! I have been busy taking care of little Noah (now 8 months old), who I am absolutely in love with. His precious smile lights up my life and I'm okay with the time I've spent focusing solely on him.  

For the first three months of his life, I worked and found it to be exhausting for the both of us (I even worked from home during my maternity leave.) At the end of 2013, though, the small company that I was working for closed, and instead of looking at it as a burden, I chose to look at it as a huge blessing. I wouldn't have chosen to be a stay-at-home mom on my own, so it was a blessing that I was pushed into it.

I was able to care for my baby at home, instead of putting him into daycare or trying to find someone to look after him. I found that we were finally able to have a daily routine that revolved strictly around him and his own home.  We were able to develop a nap-time every day.  I was able to control some of the habits he learned because I was with him constantly. For instance, we never used a pacifier with him and we never calmed him down with a television. He has been an easy baby, though, so we were never really tempted.

Also, I found breastfeeding much more practical when I was with my baby.  When I was working, I was forced to pump in my car because there was no "non-bathroom private space" for me (which is what the law says a nursing, working mother is entitled to). I found this to be a nightmare.  I'm blessed enough to have a spacious SUV, but even with the space, it is embarrassing when people walk by and when you aren't comfortable, you tense up and your milk flow tenses up, as well. I have so much respect now for working mothers, especially working mothers who can pump at work.  It seems easy enough in theory, but for me, I found breastfeeding (everything about it) harder than I thought it would be.

My time at home these past months as a homemaker & new mother have really changed me and I've almost felt too boring to blog. About two months after Noah was born, I went to the Pittsburgh Whiskey Festival to write an event review about it.  I had spent so many months unable to drink that I was excited to get out of the house, get dressed up, take photos, and sample a few brands of whiskey. I had attended a few years ago, wrote an article about it, and thought it was such a fun event. I remember having a fresh inverted bob haircut, red lipstick, a new dress, and heels. This time around, I wore jeans, a flowy blouse to minimize the awkward hugeness of my breastfeeding boobs, and heels, which felt so strange to have to wear.

After I got there, all I could think about was my baby and how much I wanted to be snuggled up at home with slippers on.  I left early and went home to watch a movie with my family.  I sort of realized that my old "pre-Noah" life was over & that the direction of my blog was probably going to have to change.  I don't really go out anymore except if I can bring my baby. While some people might think this is boring, this is how I absolutely prefer it. These days, if I have an "adult beverage", it's at home in my slippers while dinner is cooking.  I think Dan & I have been to a bar one time since Noah was born and we were there waiting to pick up takeout on New Years Eve so we each had a beer.

I recently came across this video in my newsfeed and it made me realize that I'm a new mother and I need to own it.  I need to be able to write about it, as well, because it is an incredible journey. 
To get back in the blogging routine, I plan to do a variety of mama blogs, style blogs, blogs about cooking healthy for my family, blogs about taking care of my home on a budget, inspiration, and of course, some pop culture topics (because who doesn't love a little teeny dose of celebrity news here and there). I just want it to be a little bit more personable and little bit more real. (Sort of like... my birth story.) I'm not typing from a Starbucks anymore, I'm typing during Noah's naptime, with dinner in the oven for my always hungry boyfriend.

I love hearing about how other new mamas are raising their babies, so I hope my future posts (about things like diapers and babyproofing) will be entertaining, not a snoozefest.


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