Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How To Get Your Creative Mojo Back

We've all been there at some point. Our passion in life, our greatest talent, gets stuck and for a period of time, just doesn't happen. For writers, it's Writer's Block. Here are a few tips to help you break through any creative block that I use myself. 

1. Don't force it, but try every day...even it's total crap. I struggled with writers block for most of 2014 (almost 6 months), which was a first me. I wrote blogs here and there, but I couldn't sit down and write something that I needed to write. Writing is a true outlet for me and when I do it, my soul fires up and words pour out onto paper.  When it doesn't feel that way, I know I've hit a block.

Recently, I had a moment where I thought, "Wait a minute, who am I? I'm a writer. I need to get back into my game." So, I sat down, and I forced myself to write something.  Anything. And, I wrote a blog about becoming a stay-at-home mama. I didn't really feel fired up when I wrote it, in fact, it almost felt sad because it's all I could ever ask for, but I struggled with finding time to write like I used to and not having a grip on the balance isn't easy. But, I needed to write something and that's how I was feeling when I wrote it, so it matters.

2. Have you truly lost your passion or did you replace it? I mentioned the word balance in the first tip for getting your mojo back because sometimes a block happens because we've replaced it.  

I know what you're thinking. Replaced it? That sounds so serious...

Becoming a mama did not squash my mojo, because I believe that when we truly want something, we get it. However, I think I fell in love with another passion, my baby, and up until the arrival of my baby, there had never been something that engulfed my life more than my writing career or my relationships...or anything other than taking care of my own well being for that matter. 

At first, it worried me that I wasn't writing as much (don't get me wrong, I'm obsessed with my baby), but after a while, I realized that I just needed to work on balancing my writing career with being a full time mother.   This is where a routine becomes your best friend. You have to schedule time in for yourself every day, especially as a parent.

3. Get a little heated by looking at what your competition or copycats are up to.  

Do people still use the word copycat? At least it gets the point across. 

I know I'm not a public figure or a celebrity,but I am aware when people blatantly copy my work and copy my ideas when starting blogs of their own.  It's almost a joke to say you have a blog now because who doesn't have a blog about random bullshit? For a long time, it made me so frustrated.  But, when you're struggling with writer's block, there is nothing quite like looking at your competitors work.  Something inside of you needs to write something major-- to show that you're back and better than ever and they better get ready to read what you're about to write.  Whatever that might be.  

4. If you're bored with it, chances are other people are bored with it, too.  If you feel like what you're working on is stale, change it up! Reinvent yourself. You are the one who makes up the rules when it comes to your talent-- remember that.  In fitness, when you hit a plateau, you change it up. When I originally started a blog, it was called "The Vintage Rush" and it was about what people were up to in Pittsburgh.  I soon grew bored with it and needed to change it to something I felt more passionate about, so I changed it to a lifestyle blog.  Change is what keeps us alive.  

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