Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Baby Steps

by Sarah 

My little guy took his first steps at ten months old. What I didn't realize about babies until I had one is that when they are learning to walk, it takes them a lot of practice. Taking their first steps and officially walking can happen a few weeks apart. Noah didn't officially start walking until this past week (meaning he could walk clear across a room) at eleven months & one week. 

Babies take a step, they fall down.  They take two steps, they fall down. They take five steps, and then they sit down and crawl because it's easier.  Then, one day, they realize they can walk across the room.  It's a process.  It's a necessary process that allows you to gain experience and confidence.

What is so inspiring about this process is that a baby never gets bummed out or gives up when they fall down. Sure, they'll cry and hold their arms out for Mama or Dada to come pick them up, but after a few minutes, they're ready to do it all over again. They get right back up. Giving up and feeling bad about falling down is something that adults do. Babies haven't yet learned this. 

Seeing this raw perseverance reminds me that falling down isn't anything bad.  It means you're trying.  You're learning.  It's almost silly how we, as adults, teach ourselves that it's okay to give up. Whenever you're sitting on the floor crying with a bump on your head because you're trying to take on something so massive as walking, you're doing something amazing. Failing isn't falling down. It's not getting back up to try again.  

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Image: Babycenter

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