Wednesday, August 27, 2014

'Pretty Little Liars' Says Goodbye To A Major Character in Fatal Finale-- Contains Spoilers

Let's talk about that Pretty Little Liars fatal finale, the appropriately titled, "Taking This One To The Grave" (one of the lines in the show's theme song.)

Mona was murdered. And Spencer goes to jail.

PLL has been warning us of the death of a major character all season. In fact, Executive Producer Marlene King told Hollywood Reporter that "fans would be left speechless", while Lucy Hale said in an interview that this would be "the most shocking and heartbreaking episode yet."

While we all sort of suspected it would/could be Mona, it was still shocking to see the liars find Mona's house covered in blood.  Then... Mona's pale and lifeless body in the trunk of A's car. The "A" who broke into Mona's house had identical hair to Allison, but the show cleverly never revealed if actually was her or not. Fans are left assuming that Allison has been "A" all along. It would make sense since it also appears that Allison has set Spencer up to take the fall for the murder of Bethany Young.

Pretty Little Liars is coming back later this year for a Christmas special (skipping its usual Halloween special), with an episode titled "How The A Stole Christmas." We're guessing this is why Emily went on a crazed Christmas decorating spree during the middle of a crisis.  

Image Credit: ABC Family 

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