Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Week Before Meadow Came...(and a Mini Maternity Photo Shoot!)

by Sarah

(Note: I wrote this blog when I was exactly 40 weeks pregnant. I gave birth to little Meadow last Thursday and she is so precious! I will be posting my Labor & Delivery story shortly.)
Today, I am 40 weeks pregnant with you. I never made it to the 40th week of pregnancy with your brother. He came two days before his due date. You, you are giving me no signs that you'll be here soon. Truthfully, since this is my second time giving birth, I am in no hurry to go through it again, but of course this is not to say that I am not thrilled to meet you.

This past week was the first week I took off from work for my maternity leave and I did all of the things:
I went out and got a pedicure.
I cleaned and cleaned and organized closets.
I have my hospital bag packed.
I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies bought everything to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies but opted to lay on the couch instead.
Cried about how everything was about to change and cried about how excited I am to meet you.
We went on several necessary Target shopping trips where we fell into the typical Target trap of going in for one thing and ending up blowing more money then we intended to (even Dan).

I am so exhausted, but these are the first days that I have given in and just relaxed. I spent almost the entire day laying in bed, watching Netflix movies I've already seen. The only time I really felt productive was when I ate lunch--a sub from Subway or "Subby"(as your big brother calls it). Somehow, I managed to clean the kitchen up and do one load of laundry. But, I promised myself it would be the only cleaning I would do. 

My entire pregnancy with you, I have not sat down once. I almost feel guilty that I didn't get to daydream about you as much as I did with your brother but in a way, I know you are the second baby for a reason. You have been so calm in the womb and my pregnancy has just flown by. At times it has scared me because you are very different than your wild brother, who I could see jumping around in my belly. I just know that you are calm, collected, smart and sweet.

I can't wait to meet you, sweet girl.
The real star of the show at Mellon Park, where we managed to take a few maternity
photos before it started pouring.  

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