Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Political Revolution Isn't Completely Up To Bernie Sanders

by Sarah Davis Temple

Hillary might be running for president and this election might seem like a big fucking joke, but at least because of Bernie Sanders, a lot of issues that directly affect you have been brought to light.  Whether it be the fact that you are working two jobs and are still broke, or why pot is illegal (and prescription painkillers aren't...while half of the country is struggling with an opiate addiction), or who is actually abusing welfare in this country (hint: it's not the poor folks), if you're in the bottom 99%, you now know you're living in a country who hasn't exactly been looking out for you. 

We live in a nation of lies, prescriptions, and money probz (for us, not the top 1%). The American media outlets (owned by a handful of powerful corporations) are no longer brokers of the truth.  They are willing partners who are complicit in the corrupt political system in which bribery is legal.  They continue to spew out propaganda which divides people and obfuscates the truth.  What is the "Truth" you ask, its simple, that our politicians are bought and paid for by billionaires and corporations and do the bidding of their donors while abhorrently failing to address the problems of mainstream America.  

But...if you turn on a television, you'd never know any of this was happening. Whether you're watching FOX News, MSNBC, CNN or E!, you're being fed stories that comically refuse to admit the reality of this corruption and obfuscate its damages at every turn. 

They want you to feel confused and helpless about the economy. They would rather you focus on anything...even Kylie Jenner's lips, rather than truly questioning issues like why the wages of ordinary people haven't gone up over the last 30 years in the richest county in the history of planet Earth. This country wants you to be distracted by the media instead of really thinking about how fucked you are as a millenial-- a generation left devastated by student loan debt and no jobs available to adequately pay it all off.  

I'm not sure if anyone expected someone like Bernie Sanders to pop up and gain such a following. I don't think anyone expected so many ordinary people, like you and I, to become more informed and feel confident enough to ask questions and gosh...begin to want a political revolution. This country needs change. We all knew that beforehand, but Bernie Sanders really pushed everyone to believe that the change we need could actually happen if we all unite and demand it. 

It was a sad sight to see Sanders endorse Hillary this past week, but you have to give him credit in that he would rather endorse a "Democrat" than see Trump win this election. And who can blame him for that? Ehh. 

I am forever grateful for the work that Bernie Sanders did and I want to commend him for choosing to not sell himself to corporations along the way.  

Key points--

-Stop trusting the American media. Unless you want to continue to have the truth about the economy obfuscated by multinational conglomerates & billionaires who are willing to destroy American democracy to pad their bottom line.  (Wondering who to watch? Try The Young Turks)

-The government is willing to bail out Wall Street but not the American people.  This fact and others brought to light by Bernie make it clear that our "democracy" has been massively corrupted by the adulterating influence of the mega wealthy and corporations.   

-Its time for the american people to fight back and demand a constitutional amendment to get money out of politics and take our democracy back.  Visit

-Inform yourself. Do your own research. Share what you learn and start conversations about these issues with your friends and coworkers. Even if you don't feel that you are completely knowledgeable in politics, you should always feel confident enough to speak up and learn about the things that directly affect you.  
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